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We have bad luck. In the oral presentation, the camera stopped to record, and now we have had some problems with the audacity to record our voices as you've said... So sorry, but we only put the powerpoint and the transcription, because there isn't more time, and because we are stressed with all this. 



Hello everybody, we are Natàlia and Brian and we're going to talk about New Zealand, a country that we love.

In this oral presentation we'll talk about the the interesting places to visit there, and after we'll talk about the wildlife and vegetation of New Zealand.

- The interesting places to visit are:
Auckland:  It's in the North Island, and it concentrates the main economic and commercial activity in the country. It's an excellent destination for lovers of sailing and of the waters. 
His most significant building is the Sky Tower, with 328 meters tall. You can see great paronamic views in the top.
It has numerous parks as Auckland Domain, located in the heart of the city. You can also taking a ferry to visit Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. where you can do a lot of activities in the nature.

Wellington: It's the capital of New Zealand. There are a lot of historics buildings, and for the nature lovers, they can visit the Johnsonville Park and the Botanic Garden, famous for his beautiful water-lily pond.
In Carter Observatory, you can see the stars and galaxies from an old telescope, it must be incredible!
There's the Civic Square, that is a social and cultural center where there are a lot of outdoor cafes.

Christchurch: Is a city that have got a great and important Anglican cathedral in the center.In the center, you can also go shopping, visit the cathedral, or enjoy the beautiful parks and gardens. 
It has got a great views of the mountains, and it's a great place to relax.

Now I'm going to talk about the national parks. New Zealand has got 14 national parks, but I'll talk about the most importants.

Tongariro National Park: Is one of the most interesting places in New Zealand. Is an active volcano's park, and there are the ski resorts in the center of North Island.
The journey on foot from the park is 8 hours, and it has an incredible blue lake in the middle, and it's known because it appears in the movie The Lord of the Rings as Mórdor.

Paparoa National Park:  Is located in the northwest of the South Island. It's a cave that is open to the public, and his exploration takes hour and a half.
The rocks that are inside, have been sculptured with interesting forms by nature.

Fiordland National Park: Is the most turistic destiny. The park has got the fame of be considerated the most beautiful hiking of the world.

Finally, Matamata: In my opinion, that's very special for the fans of The Lord of the Rings, because there are the scaled version of the village of the Hobbits. The site, used and decorated for the film, became in a turistic destiny. 
Hobbits houses are open to the public, but there aren't any decoration inside. Also, there are an hotel as a Hobbit's house, where you can accomodate.
There are some tourist routes of The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, where you can see the most famous landscapes and places that appears in the movie.

After the interesting places that Brian has said, now I'm going to talk about the wild life and vegetation of New Zealand.
One characteristic of the wildlife in New Zealand is that there are animals that only lives there, so now we'll talk of them.

Kiwi: It's a bird that doesn't fly, because they almost haven't got wings.They have got big and strong legs, so they can walk and run through the vegetation without problems.
The main predators of the Kiwis are birds such as eagles and falcons, but the Kiwi can hides very well in the woods. Moreover they are nocturnal animals, so they can't be seen for the predators. 
One curiosity is that their name was the inspiration for the fruit, for the hairy skin.

Tuatara: Is a reptil cold blooded that only lives in New Zealand, in the small islands around the country.They live about 100 years, and their descent is of the time of the dinosaurs, and for that they are considered a "living fossil". However, they are protected because they are at risk of extinction.
One curiosity is that Tuatara breeding have got a third eye on his forehead, between the other two. When they grow up, this eye is covered.

KakapoBecause of the absence of terrestrial predators, they lost the ability of fly, so they are the only parrot that can't fly in the world, and also the largest parrots.
They are at risk of extinction, with only ninety-one specimens in the world.

Yellow-eyed Penguin: They only live in the South Island, and they are considered one of the world's rarest penguin species.
The current status of this penguin is endangered, with a population of four thousand (4000)

One characteristic of New Zealand is the vegetation. There are a lot of plants, and for me it's interesting to talk about them. 

Kauri trees: They are totally protected in New Zealand. Kauri Trees are one of the largest trees in the world, reaching over 50 meters tall, and the diameter of the trunk has 16 meters.
In the North Island, you can see Kauri Trees about thousand five hundred (1500) years old. The antecedents of the kauri appeared during the Jurassic period.

Potuhukawa Tree: It flowers from November in New Zealand. 
They have got red flowers around Christmas time, and for this reason, they are known as Christmas Tree.
One curiosity is that Maoris used their nectar to do medicinal remedies.
Finally, Potuhukawa Tree lives around thousand (1000) years.

Ferns: There are a lot of forests of them in New Zealand. The more famous is Silver Fern, whose leafs are silver gray. The Silver Fern is a symbol of New Zealand, and it appears in the official shirt of the selection of Rugby, All Blacks.
There are Koru, that is another kind of Fern. It's a spiral, and it symbolizes new life, peace and growth.

Finally, the Actinidia Chinensis; It came from China, but it was introduced in New Zealand because it produces edible food, the kiwi, which all we know.

Well, and this is our oral presentation about New Zealand. There are any questions?

I was nervous, as always, because I hate do oral presentations. It's horrible. But in my opinion, it was better than expected. I suppose that's because I know all these things about New Zealand, and so it was more easy for me. 

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